Your Transition Help


Uprooting a family for a move is never easy. Even when that move is to the appealing Las Vegas area, there can be complications. You should check with your company and inquire about any available Transition Assistance Programs.

Many contemporary and modern companies are offering transition assistance because of the complexities of the relocation process. This help, in turn, provides the employee with a good start and helps to ensure longevity. The businesses know that their employees have families and spouses, and they support those families throughout the move to Las Vegas. Supporting the entire family is fast becoming the most thorough way of supporting the employee, and modern companies are taking note.

The Impact Group ( is the leading firm in transition and relocation assistance programs, and they say that the process needs to address the emotional and practical needs of the family. According to Impact Group, the programs are designed to coach and acclimate the families to their present location, providing resources about the new area.

Each employee is assigned a coach who will work with the employee/family throughout the transition. Each coach will identify the needs of the employee, family members and the career-seeking spouse. By identifying these needs upfront, the coach can provide research and information to the family ahead of time – helping with the adjustment process.

In a philanthropic gesture, the coach is a lifeline to support the family, so that they feel settled and excited about their new move to Las Vegas. And after the move, the coach is ready to provide anything the family might need, from information on the job market to city demographics. The coach can and will also help with getting the youngsters of the family enrolled in school. The coach also works with the spouse of the employee, so that he or she can move into the working world of Las Vegas. The coach does this by helping prepare résumés, finding labor market information, helping with networking and interviewing, and researching childcare options. These are just a few of the services provided by the coach.

If this program sounds like something you would want to take advantage of, the Impact Group suggests that you speak with your HR department and determine if a Transitional Assistance Program is available to you.