Your New Network

The ability to network is crucial in the finding of open positions, and is just as (if not more) important than being able to thumb through classifieds or want ads.

Many people will tell you that “it’s all about who you know” when it comes to finding a job. While this is true in a manner of speaking, you might feel that it is somewhat manipulative, turning all your contacts into opportunities for your advancement. Think about networking more in the sense that “it’s all about relationships”. You can use your contacts and relationships without exploiting them or burning any bridges.

When you relocate to Las Vegas, you may know very few people. In fact, you may not know anyone! Truth be told, though, you probably know someone who knows someone in Las Vegas. Be sure that you explore every relationship you have, personal as well as professional, to find out if you have any secondary or tertiary connections within the Las Vegas business sectors. Your connections are going to know your history and are going to be able to recommend the best path for job hunting. It is always appropriate to ask a professional connection for information about work in Las Vegas. It is also always best to set up a give-and-take system with this, so be sure to be ready to return the favor.

There are a few ways to do this. You can walk the beat, so to speak, and talk voice-to-voice or email-to-email with everyone you know, or you can join a professional networking website, such as, to find these connections. Ever played that game “Seven Degrees of Separation”? These networking websites aid you in finding those connected to you even to the third, fourth, or fifth degree. By staying linked in with your professional network, you’re always connected to people who may know of open positions or know of a contact at a company you might be interested in approaching.

One last tip: You should be able to give a brief and concise summary of yourself and your skills. Many refer to this as your “15 Second Pitch”. In fifteen seconds, you should be able to talk about your skills, your motivation, your experience, and your ambitions. To find out more information on this idea, visit